My kids have been on summer break since May 26th, which just boggles my mind seeing as it was still SPRING! The teachers happily wished a “Have a great summer,” while I mumbled under my breath, “you mean enjoy the rest of my spring, too.” Of course, I did this with a smile because I don’t blame anyone trying to escape a classroom full of little kids.

The problem is, for me to get my daily writing in because I’m now in an MFA program, and because, well, I’m a writer, I’ve taken to getting up extra early to get some pages, reading, and research done.

This morning, by 6 AM, I sat at my desk in my office, and by 6:15, I heard the creak of my three-year-old daughter’s bedroom door. I listened in as she made her way down the hallway. I knew by then that getting any work done was out.

She came in and sat down. Extremely quiet, which isn’t her M.O. I watched her for about 10 seconds before I asked, “What are you doing?” I mean, because really, this was weird.

She just kept thumbing through a book — “The Giving Tree,” taking her time, until she finally looked up and told me, “I’m doing my homework, like you.”

I didn’t get anything done this morning, especially when she made it to the pages where she knew the words. She read (not really, she just has them memorized) those pages out loud. It didn’t matter, though. I just kept thinking that my kids are watching me. They may not get what graduate school is; they may not also get the risk that goes into wanting to be a writer, but they do see all the work I’m putting in, and in some ways, they are trying to emulate it. And, I’m okay with that.