This Writer’s Summer Interruption


My kids have been on summer break since May 26th, which just boggles my mind seeing as it was still SPRING! The teachers happily wished a “Have a great summer,” while I mumbled under my breath, “you mean enjoy the rest of my spring, too.” Of course, I did this with a smile because I don’t blame anyone trying to escape a classroom full of little kids.

The problem is, for me to get my daily writing in because I’m now in an MFA program, and because, well, I’m a writer, I’ve taken to getting up extra early to get some pages, reading, and research done.

This morning, by 6 AM, I sat at my desk in my office, and by 6:15, I heard the creak of my three-year-old daughter’s bedroom door. I listened in as she made her way down the hallway. I knew by then that getting any work done was out.



Pressures of Modern Womanhood


At a young age, we’re taught to dream, and sure, even some us are told to dream big but to also sit up straight, legs closed, cover ourselves, and to speak when spoken to. We’re taught to go to school and get good grades, and then go to college and still get great grades. To then date and marry a fantastic man, start a family and perfect being a wife, mother, homemaker, all the while, continue to stay career-driven. Whoo, even I’m frustrated and overwhelmed with all we, women have to accomplish, and to think that we’re told all this, and even accept this to be true before we hit any teenaged milestone.




Random Thoughts by way of Dr. Maya Angelou


I recently watched something I haven’t seen in over a decade. I came across Sundance Channel’s Iconoclast series, and re-watched the episode with Maya Angelou and Dave Chappelle.




My Mom: Inspiration for Black History

Because Black History Month is also about the present making history.

For me, Black History is more than a worldly thought of men and women of the past, all of whom are celebrities in their own right, who have changed America, and the world for the better, but it is also personal. There are so many in my own bubble that have inspired me, changed me, fueled me, and I am going to start by honoring my very own close source of inspiration… my mother.





The Ramblings of a Stage Mom

One… and Done!

When someone says to you, “Oh my God…, your baby is so cute, you should put them in…” insert whatever they say, movies, modeling, television, whatever crazy talk, and then tell them straight up, “NO!” Trust me, it’s not all bad, but sometimes the cons outweigh the pros, and here’s why. This is my story on how my then 2-year-old was cast on an episode of Secrets & Lies, and how for a day my daughter was more demon, than cute-baby actress.





You’re a Writer if…

You spend more time in front of your computer, whether that be a desktop, laptop, or tablet with a blue tooth keyboard, than you do, doing just about anything else (psst…you’ve got a problem, okay not really).





My Son vs. Plessy and the “One Drop Rule”

My oldest son came home from school today and asked what the “one drop rule” was, and I seriously had to breathe, because who tells these kids these things. No matter how much you try and censor what information they’re exposed to, once they go to school, you simply have no control anymore. But, now that left the hard part to me: how to explain to my 8-year-old what the “one drop rule” meant. I proceeded to tell him there once was a man named Homer Plessy, who was only 1/8 black.


He bought a first class ticket, and sat on a train in an area that was marked “whites only.” READ MORE…



“Children of the Night…, My Inspiration for Writing ‘Emma'”


Children of the Night is a shelter that reforms any prostitute, 18 years of age, or younger. Here’s my story, of not how I changed one of these girls’ lives, but how one changed mine, and how I later wrote a story in honor of her bravery.

Meeting Emma

It wasn’t pretty as I grunted, pushing clothing back into a bag that split down its side. Frustrated, because donating clothes and whatnot should be easier than this. Actually, it was, until the local shelter closed down. They used to come to my front door to collect donations. While annoyed, I’m not worrying why a shelter that helped the less fortunate closed its doors. Why that would imply my donation have only altruistic intentions, and not a way to recycle my unwanted, faded, and over-used clothing. Pushing that guilty observation away, I continued on my errand. READ MORE…



No! Dogs Shouldn’t Be Everywhere!


Published 01/30/2017

I’m not sure when it became the norm that dogs would, and could, be literally anywhere, but to be honest, I’ve had enough. Before you write me off as a dog-hating bi—, I’ll preface this article that this is not the case — I actually love dogs. I just refuse to be OK with them being everywhere.


Trumped Up Inauguration


Published 01/19/2017

The countdown is slowly, or not so slowly, depending on who you ask, coming to an end. On January 20th, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th United States President. Some of us will weep like babies, others will feel vindicated, some will protest, others might get violent.



‘Hidden Figures’ Promotes Women To Be About STEM!


Published 01/16/17

Most movies during this time of year are so busy beating on the give-me-an-Oscar-please door, that they take themselves too seriously, but “Hidden Figures” says “F that noise!”


“5 Things I Miss About Christmas Pasts”


Published 12/25/16

Even the worst of childhood memories bring out a heavy case of nostalgia, but family is always missed.


“I Never Got to Hold You”


Published 12/19/16

Some say that it is too taboo of a topic, that we should keep this to ourselves, lock it away, and get over it. But I say, no, because sometimes talking about it, or in my case writing about it, is cathartic, helps you heal and perhaps helps someone else heal, too.



“Rejecting Lies And Expanding Truths”


Published 09/27/16

As kids, while we might not have understood it, anger bubbled and we instead channeled it inward, fighting each other.


“Do ya… know Justin Bua?”


Published 10/10/16

He provides the masses a perspective of the minority, but not one of “underdog” defeat, but of inspiration and pride.


“Apparently We’re Killing Them”


Published 10/18/16

We’re apparently butchering our precious form of communication with new words that just aren’t real.


“10 Toys That Will Make You Think of the Good Ol’Days”

6361407408844498312091650567_Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 4.07.31 PM.png

Published 11/13/16

The kids of today don’t even realize that they are getting slighted on so much awesomeness, because the toys of yesterday’s past were the the jam!


“Best Spoken Word Poetry, Part I”


Published 11/21/16

This is the first part of a collection of some of the best spoken word poetry out there that will change how you see the world.



“Best Spoken Word Poetry, Part II”


Published 11/27/16

Last week I shared five of what I am calling the BEST spoken word poetry out there, ones that will change how you view the world. Here is a continuation of those first five.


“Disaster From Hell: Raising Demons, but Loving Them Anyway”


Blog publish date: July 16th! See you then.