My kids have been on summer break since May 26th, which just boggles my mind seeing as it was still SPRING! The teachers happily wished a “Have a great summer,” while I mumbled under my breath, “you mean enjoy the rest of my spring, too.” Of course, I did this with a smile because I don’t blame anyone trying to escape a classroom full of little kids.

The problem is, for me to get my daily writing in because I’m now in an MFA program, and because, well, I’m a writer, I’ve taken to getting up extra early to get some pages, reading, and research done.

This morning, by 6 AM, I sat at my desk in my office, and by 6:15, I heard the creak of my three-year-old daughter’s bedroom door. I listened in as she made her way down the hallway. I knew by then that getting any work done was out.

She came in and sat down. Extremely quiet, which isn’t her M.O. I watched her for about 10 seconds before I asked, “What are you doing?” I mean, because really, this was weird.



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